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Mobile Platforms

When responding to emergency situations, supporting ad-hoc operations and events

When responding to emergency situations, supporting ad-hoc operations and events, even establishing basic infrastructure in rural areas, one thing remains the same – communication is at the heart of everything you do, whether maintaining public safety or connecting remote population.
Our wide range of communications, Command & Control, surveillance and public safety mobile platform solutions is the result of extensive field experience implementing such solutions for a wide range of applications. We create tailored solutions suited to the exact requirements of the various platform operators.

We use the most advanced technologies and in-house products to create comprehensive end-to-end solutions, tailored to the user. These mobile platforms are based on an independent, multifunctional communications infrastructure, which enables a seamless flow of voice, data, images, videos and locations, for complete functionality. Through data fusion and real-time analytics, interoperability features, advanced network features, platform resilience (technology, power and crew), and the ability to connect to fixed infrastructures – our mobile platforms transform the way forces respond to emergency situations and maintain the peace.

Indicative Solutions:

    • Complete in Vehicle Command & Control
    • Observation Systems