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Homeland Security

Homeland Security


Homeland Security

Criminal activities, terrorist attacks and natural disasters can jeopardize the security.

Criminal activities, terrorist attacks and natural disasters can jeopardize the security of infrastructure, borders, ports, transportation and large-scale events.
These threats can materialize at any time or place, usually with no warning, yet governments must always ensure the security of their assets.

The enormity of such a task requires a solution that has been proven in the most challenging environments, and the most complex regions of the world. Our tried and tested homeland security doctrines and best practices incorporate not only decades of hands-on security experience, but also leverage our communications and technological expertise.

These combined abilities allow us to provide tailored, end-to-end solutions that range from Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Assessment (TVRA) to planning, implementation and training, ensuring the highest level of security, today and into the future.

Smart Command & Control Centres

With the abundance of sensors, physical security solutions, cyber & intelligence data, today’s greatest security challenge is not visibility, but rather clarity. A well-planned Command & Control Centre, set around our end-to-end Command & Control Management Platform that provides a security layer atop physical and cybersecurity solutions, provides complete situational awareness and enables decision makers to make the right decision, quickly.

Our top-to-bottom approach to C&C centres, stationary or mobile, begins with the planning and design in accordance with specific requirements and industry standards, and continues through procurement and manufacturing of in-house components, systems deployment, multi-system integration and ongoing management and support.

When all the ends are tied together through well-planned and executed integration, an interconnected security environment is created, that enables simple and intuitive event management for all levels of command, as well as alerting, investigation and analysis capabilities. These provide planning and preparation tools, immediate situational awareness, and efficient actionable insight for quick response.

Critical Infrastructures

The critical nature of infrastructures such as electricity, water and gas, positions them as both crucial for daily life, and as highly targeted facilities. With a multidisciplinary team of experts, brings rich, varied experience and a proven track record in securing a diverse range of assets, from a single facility to nationwide infrastructures. Our 360 Security Solution allows governments to protect their most critical infrastructures and secure the services society has grown so heavily dependent on. 


The complex nature of seaports introduces countless security threats, ranging from physical intrusions, through operational disturbances, to illicit traffic of goods and robberies. In order to truly control the rapid movement of vessels and cargo and manage unforeseen events, a strategic approach and comprehensive solution are required.

With our Technology Partners we bring vast knowledge and expertise in the security domain, as well as decades of experience with a wide range of technologies and communications infrastructures, our seaport security solutions cover all aspects and correlations between protocols, technologies and human resources.

From defining threats and vulnerabilities, as well as maritime and terrestrial scenario-specific CONOPS, to assessing available resources, characterizing C&C Centres and security personnel positions, implementing all physical security means and all related technologies, and establishing and training first responder and rescue force operations – our holistic solutions support a well-planned and thoroughly executed security strategy.


Our comprehensive services cover all aspects of aviation security, from operational methods, including regulations and procedures; through the technological aspect, including planning, installation and integration of state-of-the-art technologies that make up the sensor layer, communications layer, applications and control; to the human aspect, including the development of passenger risk assessment and profiling protocols, and training of the security staff.
Complying with national and international regulations, our Technology Partners solutions have been implemented in airports across the world, securing perimeters and passengers in face of constant threat, and enabling continuous operation of this critical national infrastructure.

Transportation Security

Vandalism, passenger safety and mass acts of terror are all daily threats to public transportation and the people who rely on it. Securing such highly populated, dynamic infrastructure is a delicate balancing act between security and operational requirements.

Our security solutions maximize both the safety of the transportation infrastructure – trains, subways, buses, stations, workshops, yards, bridges, tracks and other facilities – and the convenience of the passengers.

Our holistic approach begins with a security survey and a risk analysis evaluation, and goes on to create a security concept, system design, integration and installation of all related technologies across all protection layers. The final implementation step entails creating the procedures and training the operational and logistics teams as to the complete concept of operations. This complete cycle allows us to put in place a fully functional security operation, in routine and emergency situations.

Border Protection

Efficient border protection requires, on the one hand, dynamic processing and mobility of people and goods, while, on the other hand, ensuring document integrity and international standards compliance, as well as preventing movement of cash, weapons and ammunition, and other illegal activities across the border.

The key to maintaining this fine balance lies in the smart integration of intelligence, physical and perimeter security, communications infrastructures and command and control centres, alongside seamless sharing of information between all relevant agencies.

This comprehensive approach enables unified, nationally integrated border control management that provides complete synchronization across all border stations. Additionally, a nation-wide, intelligence-driven process, enables fast, automated processing of people and goods, and automatic alerts based on big data analysis.

Communications Interoperability

Through simple network architecture, we unify and optimize the various communications channels and provide full interoperability between the different networks. At the heart of the solution, our Radio Gateway uses unique network bridging technologies to unify all RF channels by converting them to a common Radio over IP. Non-radio channels (landlines, cell phones, satellite phones and intercoms) are converted into Voice over IP, creating an instant IP centric network and providing access to any channel from any endpoint.