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Safe & Smart Cities

Safe & Smart Cities

Safe and Smart Cities

Early Warning System

Mass Notification Long Distance Voice Messaging Systems

Unmanned Ground Vehicles for Fire & Rescue

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Safe and Smart Cities

Life Protection
Public Order

These are just some of the challenges faced by municipalities, affecting aspects of city life such as public safety, economics, social and environmental conditions. With the aim of providing advanced services to citizens and improving operational efficiency, cities are getting smarter. But while most modern cities can be positioned somewhere along the smart-city-spectrum, they are missing a very central element: inter-connectivity.

With the safe and smart city race moving as quickly as it is, implementation tends to be fragmental – transportation, lighting, waste-management etc. –creating stand-alone upgraded service. While, on the one hand, each such initiative represents an advancement in and of itself, the result is a disconnected smart city. The missing link in this municipal technological revolution is a connecting layer that unifies the various systems and leverages cross-vertical data to derive greater insights and create smarter services across the board. This is the essence of Smart City concept; an innovative approach, methodology and technology that links the siloed smart city verticals to empower IoT.

Leveraging the municipal safety against Hazards and communications infrastructure, a wide range of sensors and data feeds, as well as a top-of the-line management platforms, our Safe and Smart City solutions supports a range of applications that connect all major stakeholders in the municipality. By truly integrating data types and sources into a single, interconnected management platform, our Safe and Smart City solutions improves public safety and quality of life, while providing complete visibility for fast and efficient response, and smart planning that supports long-term asset optimization.

The results are groundbreaking – a truly smart, interconnected city that leverages data for the benefit of its residents.


Early Warning System

Climate change,
wildfires and other extreme weather events

Due to climate change, floods, wildfires and other extreme weather events are becoming more frequent and intense. This scenario poses a challenge for current risk management systems.

EWS is an integrated system of hazard monitoring, forecasting and prediction, disaster risk assessment, communication and preparedness activities systems and processes that enables individuals, communities, governments, businesses and others to take timely action to reduce disaster risks in advance of hazardous events.

Multi-hazard early warning system address several hazards and/or impacts of similar or different type in contexts where hazardous events may occur alone, simultaneously, over time, and taking into account the potential interrelated effects. A multi-hazard early warning system with the ability to warn of one or more hazards increases the efficiency and consistency of warnings through coordinated and compatible mechanisms and capacities, involving multiple disciplines for updated and accurate hazards identification and monitoring for multiple hazards.


I-REACT (Improving Resilience to Emergencies through Advanced Cyber Technologies) is the result of a three-year European Project that developed the first European-wide platform to integrate emergency management data coming from multiple sources, including that provided by citizens through social media and crowdsourcing. This way, we are able to produce information faster and allow citizens, civil protection services and policymakers to effectively prevent and/or react against disasters.

I-REACT was developed as a solution through the integration and modelling of data coming multiple sources. Information from European monitoring systems, earth observations, historical information and weather forecasts will be combined with data gathered by new technological developments created by I-REACT. These include a mobile app and a social media analysis tool to account for real-time crowdsourced information, drones to improve mapping, wearables to improve positioning, as well as augmented reality glasses to facilitate reporting and information visualisation by first responders. With this approach I-REACT is able to empower stakeholders in the prevention and management of disasters. Citizens are involved in reporting first-hand information, policymakers are supported in the decision making process, and first responders are equipped with essential tools for early warning and response.

Overall, I-REACT aims to be a European-wide contribution to build more secure and resilient societies to disasters.


Mass Notification Long Distance Voice Messaging Systems

When You Need To Be Heard

In the event of a disaster, it is very important to quickly evacuate to evacuation sites in order to minimize the number of victims of the disaster. Governmental authorities only present their citizens with information about the locations of evacuation sites and anticipated damages in the event of disasters such as Urban and forest Fires, tsunami and earthquakes. Thus, in the event of a disaster, people present at various places will not be sure about the evacuation routes that they should take individually. Accordingly, there is a need for a Long-Distance Voice Messaging System in order to offer voice message guidance to the potential victims such as quickly determining evacuation routes and guiding people in accordance with the status of the traffic network, the locations of evacuation sites, and the number of victims.


Clear Voice is a family of Magnetic Audio Devices (MAD) that uses Planar Technology to generate the audio signal. The Clear Voice “transducers” generates a single, perfectly shaped sound wave that can travel long distances to large crowds while delivering superior intelligibility.
The planar transducers, Clear Voice, are able to achieve distance and clarity levels that are unmatched by any conventional speaker and horn. The advanced technology also provides the ability to generate an intelligible signal at a volume level that is up to 10db lower than the ambient noise level of the operating environment, reducing the risk of hearing damage to the operator and those in close proximity. Conventional speakers need to be 10 dB above the ambient noise level.

The Clear Voice systems are the ideal solution for Civil Protection, Police, Fire officials, Army, First Responders, and Security Officers, communicating to large crowds, Public safety & rescue personnel responding in emergency situations, Maritime hailing, warning, Stadiums, Factories and safety commands and temporary command and control centres and security checkpoints.
Police and Army can use them for warning purposes (for example in the borders for the illegal immigrants or even on military vehicles or even Coast Guard Boats and Navy boats).

Clear Voice planar transducer reaching distances in excess of 600m (depending on the model) as a single system. When they are combined in Arrays, the distances can exceed 1Km.


During a time of crisis, First Responders need to be able to guide the crowd inside and outside of buildings. Based on Clear Voice Solutions, Customized Vests can be provided with Built-in speaker, while keeping their hands free. Alternatively, wearable solution without the vest can be provided and be wear on top of any Vest.


During a fire there could be people trapped behind it and do not know what to do and where to go in order to get saved, while the First Responders cannot communicate with them because there could be far way or it is windy , or it is dangerous to try getting closer etc. By using Clear Voice Systems, the First Responders can offer guidance from a safe distance in a safe way and lead people to safety without putting themselves in danger.


Authorities could create wired or wireless networks and provide direct Voice Information and guidance to the citizens of the municipalities in case of danger. Furthermore, Authorities could create fixed points with Clear Voice Systems in areas of high risk (ex: Dams, Bridges, Intersections, Roads, Government Buildings, Lakes, Rivers, Borders etc) in order to urgently inform the people when it is needed.


Unmanned Ground Vehicles for Fire & Rescue

UGV is the vehicle which operates while in contact with the ground and without the on-board human presence

UGV is the vehicle which operates while in contact with the ground and without the on-board human presence. It can be used for many applications where it may be inconvenient, dangerous or impossible to have the human operator present. The vehicle is controlled wirelessly by his operator, either with direct visual observation or from a long distance with the use of sensors & view digital cameras.
The UGV’s have sets of sensors to observe the environment, and will either be semi-autonomously or pass the information to a human operator at a different location who will control the vehicle through teleoperation. The UGV is the land-based counterpart to unmanned aerial vehicles and unmanned underwater vehicles. Unmanned robotics are being actively developed for both civilian and military use to perform a variety of dull, dirty, and dangerous activities.


The Multiscope Rescue Systems were designed to provide a durable and flexible platform with rescue-specific plug-and-play payloads for various rescue missions.

The modular platform is able to withstand harsh conditions and can reach areas that are difficult to reach with larger vehicles or too dangerous for firefighters and rescue services. The functionality of the Multiscope can be modified onsite which widens the use of the platform.

Multiscope Rescue with Hydra

This Multiscope platform is equipped with a modular foam and/or water monitor with a flowrate of 3000 LPM and is fully customizable. The Multiscope Rescue with Hydra is designed to be used for industrial, warehouse, tunnel and wildfire extinguishing. It has four pressurized water hose lines running behind it to ensure that it has enough water and/or for extinguishing. This is a powerful set that works as an extension for firefighters to extinguish fires in areas that are dangerous or hard to access.

Multiscope Rescue Hose Cartridge

One of the most physically demanding and time-consuming tasks is laying out fire hoses to reach urban or rural areas that are inaccessible with main fire trucks or too dangerous for firefighters to enter. The Multiscope Rescue Hose Cartridge will reach the problematic area considerably faster than a standard size firefighting team helping them start the extinguishing process much quicker.

Multiscope Rescue Transport

Developed for the transport of critical supplies, equipment and teams the Multiscope Rescue Transport is an ideal tool for post-operation logistics. It can be utilized to pack up gear faster and with less manpower thus enabling firefighters to be ready faster for upcoming challenges.


IoT Management Platform

The Internet of Things (IoT) describes the network of physical objects

The Internet of Things (IoT) describes the network of physical objects—“things”—that are embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies for the purpose of connecting and exchanging data with other devices and systems over the internet.

IoT Management refers to the processes involving the provisioning and authenticating, configuring, maintaining, monitoring and diagnosing connected devices operating as part of an IoT environment to provide and support the whole spectrum of their functional capabilities.


Smart-M is a top-of-the-line IoT Management Platform that fuses sensory outputs and data sources to extract actionable insights and provide smart real-time decision-making tools. By truly integrating data types and sources into a single interconnected management platform, Smart-M provides complete visibility, enables fast and efficient response, supports long-term asset optimization and functioning as the heart of the command and control centre.

Extracting smart insights from IoT

Smart-M was designed with a deep understanding of organizational business logic, specifically that of complex, large-scale, sensitive, multi-user organizations, allowing it to connect the physical IoT world with data sources to provide real-time decision-ready intelligence that go beyond immediate operations and enable asset optimization.


Smart-M has been operational for over 20 years, and constantly reinvented in correlation with advancing technologies. This vast field experience has been acquired through dozens of successful implementations in smart cities, airports, mega events, parliaments, municipalities, police forces, security operations and secured facilities worldwide.

Smart-M at a Glance

  • Open to advanced IoT technologies
  • Comprehensive, real time situational awareness
  • Smart decision-making
  • Big data analytics (web-based BI dashboard)
  • GIS-based interface
  • Reporting tools and full audit trail
  • Scalable for any organizational size and structure
  • Fully customizable


Portable fast Deployed LTE Network

Complete Compact LTE Network-in-a-Box that provides fully-independent, high-speed broadband communications

We provide a Complete Compact LTE Network-in-a-Box that provides fully-independent, high-speed broadband communications. Designed as an advanced tactical communications solution, lightweight and easily deployable, creating a secured network within seconds during the time of need in areas where there is no signal or the Operators Antennas are down.

Enables First Responders and Security Forces to quickly and simply establish an independent Ad-Hoc 4G/LTE network where network coverage is unavailable.

Operated through a simple and intuitive user interface and compatible with any endpoint device (smartphones, tablets and dongles), our Sollution provides a wide range of applications, including PTT (Push-to-Talk), file and image sharing, Bi-directional, HD video sharing, chat and GPS positioning. Customizable and available in various configurations, the network also supports secure and encrypted interoperability with other communications platforms, situational awareness, connectivity to various sensors (CCTVs, drones, environmental sensors and more), and includes various backhauling capabilities; enabling personnel to focus on their mission, improves operational efficiency and saves lives.